Welcome to Affric


COVID-19 Update'Affric Limited are open for business as usual, well within a manner which will become usual for many of us, with the team working from their homes.  Although the office is at the end of the Directors garden and is currently open, we are currently operating on a no visitor policy, so please do not visit us.  The company and employee contact details are all working as usual and responses can be met via email, mobile or the office telephone number.  In addition, we utilise MS Teams so can be contacted that way utilising our email addresses if you would prefer a more formal 'conference' style call if it is required.  As with everyone else, we are all adapting to our new reality, so we apologise if our responses are slower than normal.


Through this time we are following government guidance to ensure the well being of our staff, their families and the wider community are maintained.  We are also aware of our socioeconomic responsibility and will endeavour to work with clients and our supply chain as far as we can to minimise negative effects. We appreciate your continued support.  Take Care.


The company that is 'Making it Happen' utilising the 'Dream Team' Model.


Affric Limited are based near Inverness in the highlands and provide independent professional Environmental consultancy services to a range of business sectors from Sub-sea Interconnectors and Nuclear projects, to Ports and Quarries, operating across the Public and Private sectors our team provide environmental and planning support throughout the project lifecycle from concept to construction and decommissioning.

Our broad and expanding portfolio of clients means that we work on a diverse range of projects from SME’s to multi-national energy companies. At Affric we work with our clients to provide high quality tailored services.


At Affric we work with our clients to fully understand their needs, then build the 'Dream Team' to 'make it happen'


'Making it Happen' - From one off projects and long-term operations we provide Project and Stakeholder management and Environmental consultancy support to 'make it happen'.


The 'Dream Team' – Our inhouse team work with our associates to pull together the best team to deliver the support you require, to ensure we can 'make it happen'.


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