Affric provide support to the full Nuclear Energy lifecycle: new build reactors, reactor operations, fuel reprocessing, waste management, and decommissioning activities.

Our Expertise

o        Nuclear environmental safety cases for all stages of fuel and project lifecycle. 
o        Optioneering & Facilitation Support.
o        Workshop and Meeting Facilitation Service
o        Technical Authoring.
o        Environmental Impact Assessment.
o        Best Practicable Environmental Options Studies.
o        Best Practicable Means/Best Available Technique Assessment.
o        Stakeholder Management & Consultation.
o        Methodology development.
o        Environmental Management System (EMS) development & support.
o        Legislative and Regulatory Support.
o        Support to Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) management.
o        Radioactive Substances Act applications.
o        Environmental Support