Ports & Harbours

Due to the growth of the offshore sector many ports and harbours are looking to develop and expand, to capitalise on their position.
Affric are supporting ports in understanding potential new and growth markets that they could serve;  a
ssisting in the development of business plans and options to meet the market needs. We facilitate options assessment, to ensure that the best solution to meet the demand is chosen.


Once a port is ready to move into a project development stage, we provide support to the consenting process whether it be a simple planning consent or a full Marine Licence supported by an Environmental Statement.  To ‘make it happen’ we provide ongoing support to the project through the consenting into design to ensure any Environmental mitigation offered in the Environmental Statement is incorporated into the Design and Construction Environmental Management Documents.  We provide Environmental Clerk of Work services for construction.


For operational ports we can assist in the development of Environmental Management Systems to ensure that aspects are understood and managed appropriately in line with ISO14001 or EcoPort as required.


Our Expertise:

o Market Review
o Business Case Production
o Optioneering
o Support to Licences and Consents including but not limited to:
                Marine (Scotland) Act 2010, works and dredging licences
                PPC Licencing

                European Protect Species Licencing
                Planning Consents

o Environmental Impact Assessment
o Environmental input to Procurement
o Environmental input into Design
o Construction Environmental Management Plans
o Environmental Clerk of Works Provision
o Marine Mammal Observer Provision


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